Calcite Mine

P&S Calcite Export LTD holds the rights to exploit calcite in Brazil and is the owner of the land where the mine is located. This makes the work and the extraction processes easier.

Having a great concer with its workers well being, the mine has comfortable facilities with all necessary infrastructures. Thinking safety in first place, all extraction processes have been modified this year, from underground to open-air extraction, making the general evaluation carried on by its technicians easier, and avoiding accidents.

Equipaments ans Skilled Professionals

Modern equipments ans skilled professionals are responsible for the average monthly production levels amounting to more than 500 kilograms of flawless optic calcite gems.

The mine is located in the Mato Grosso do Sul middle-western, with a rich natural environment. Due to this reason, our company is very concerned about preserving nature by the usage of low environment impact techniques.

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